Les echos du bowl

Sentier Sous marin à Gosier

Une bonne initiative pour les touristes et ceux qui ne mettent jamais la tête sous l'eau, un sentier sous marin avec en prime une belle sensibilisation a notre Mother Ocean et ses z'habitants! big up Ariane Graff , la "surfeuse multipass" qui sait aussi ecrire en anglais "
the 1st UNDERWATER PATH of the Caribbean. Its a fun project dedicated to everyone kids and adults, swimmers, snorkelers and beginner divers, to get them in the ocean in a shallow protected spot, make them open their eyes on the ocean beauties in order to have them become RESPONSIBLE STEWARD OF THE OCEANS. We are crossing our fingers to get support from famous International Foundations, as well as private funding. Any idea or comment welcome. Dive in! :D




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