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La derniére fois que l'on a joint Camille JUBAN il était encore à Tahiti et se préparait à aller faire la teuf au Morrison' la boite de l'île avec tous ses potes Hawaiens, c'était samedi soir et il devait encore se rendre a Moorea se caler quelques sessions aprés s'être bien fait peur sur Teahupoo en pur surf..Aprés donc avoir gagné le TAHITI WINDSURF CHALLENGE -excusez du peu!- le kingkid devrait être en route mettre ça high à la Reunion où les conditions anoncées sont massive comme il les aime à savoir du bon gros et gras pur surfsailing..LA GUADELOUPE entiére est dérriere lui (au bas mot!) VAS Y CAMILLE , TOUJOURS BIEN PROFOND, TORD LES TOUS!!!!BIIIIG UP RASTA!!!!!!!
Ci joint l'interview du TAÏNOS DECHIRATOR NUMBER ONE sur le site de la REUNION WAVE CLASSIC

Riders interview : Camille Juban...

juban.jpgFrom his 2° junior place at the Aloha Classic 2005 in Maui as he wast just 15, to his last performance in Cabo Verde's waves this year with a place of 13th in front of great names like Polakow, Campello, Siver or Fernandez, young frenchy from Guadeloupe Camille Juban slowly takes insurance on the PWA World Tour events. But what Camille prefers above all is "soul surfing", windsurfing without pressure. At just 19 years old, he already has carried his boardbags worldwide to live his passion and so accumulates the experiences which will make of him very soon, a sure value of the world waveriding scene...

- Camille, you’re gonna be one of the youngest sailor there. What is your opinion about that ?
I'm really happy to be one of the youngest sailor, it's a good opportunity for me to be back on the top.

- It’s been said that you have an incredible surfsailing style. Is it so hard to be on top in official competitions ?
I don't know if we can say that I'm on top in official competitions, but what I can say is that the harder is to remain regular.

- You live in Guadeloupe, the wind’s pretty light there. In La Reunion, the wind is pretty strong. Ok for you ?
Yeah because now I'm used to travel a little bit, so it should be ok in La Reunion.

- What do you expect from such a contest ? Do you think this « team concept » will last ?
I think that's a good concept to promote the image of windsurfing and I think if there is the same coverage as the event in Fuerte, there is no reason that it stops!

- According to the local conditions (strong side shore wind, port tack, powerful waves), do you already see any favourites ?
No sorry, I don't see any favourites but I think the must impressive guy can be Scott McKercher because I have heard a lot about his port tack wave sailing.

Camille is sponsored by Gun Sails/Tainos/Quatro/Long Horn energy drink/villedestfrançois.com/MFC & Vikteam wetsuit...





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