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Manon,Enzo et Gatien best Moustik!

La Cavalini famili, Manon et Enzo, accompagnés par Gatien Delahaye a scoré la finale Europeenne du Moustik Tour en gagnant toutes les finales et en bonus extradelaball  Enzo a gagné un special prize : une superbe board Al merrick (trop grande pour lui alors il va l'offrir à sa sœur Manon pour ses 12 ans le 20 aout).....
vl'a l'article paru dans the surfing yearbook c'est en anglais mais facilement compréhensible surtout quand on regarde les résaltats full GPE... BRAVO A NOS SIPEW' MOUSTIK GUADELOUPEENS!!!

Final stop for 2009 Moskito Tour cleans up at Capbreton

Moskitos Capbreton : photo courtesy Electric

Moskito Tour
Presented by Electric, Vans, FCS, Channel Islands and Monster Energy Drinks

Santosha/Prevent Capbreton
15 - 16 August 2009

Final stop for 2009 Moskito Tour cleans up at Capbreton

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Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 August, 2009 : - - After more than 5 stops all around Europe, it was the last and final stop for the Moskito Tour 09 presented by Electric, Vans, FCS, Channel Islands and Monster Energy Drinks.

*Due to the waves conditions on sunday, we decided to cancel, under 14 and under 16 boys’categories. 130 grommets from Capbreton, Hossegor, Anglet, Hendaye, Sausset les Pins, Royan, Zarautz and Guadeloupe Island, were ready and waiting at 7am sharp at the plage ‘ Les Santocha’ for final stop of the ‘09 Moskito Tour.

DAY 1 :
A great first day for this finale with small waves, amazing competitors, and sunny day. First girls heat in the water at 9:30am, and then kids under 10.
A long day got under way with 15-minutes heats with consistent 1 foot beach break and onshore conditions.  The level of surfing was excellent and the saturday night we finally stopped the contest with the girls finale, and keep under 10 and 12 finals for the day after.


Boys under 10 winners : photo Electric


DAY 2 :
On the second day, we all meet at 7:30 AM. It was low tide, so we prefer to wait a little and decided to launch an expression session, with best wave, best trick and best air. Then started the first of three expression session heats. The surfers carried out some radical maneouvers and put on a good show. We saw some killer performances from the young generation.

The semi-finals of the under 10 and under 12 were sent out at 3pm in clean surf. For the finals the groms were taking it to the next level with some solid performances. All finalists not scared to hit the lip demonstrating committed and powerful maneuvers. A great day of contest surfing, where the kids were ripping!! Small waves, gentle breeze, beautiful weather and an amazing atmosphere were the main charasteristics of thIs finale !

The future of European surfing is bright in this 8th anniversary year of the MOSKITO TOUR presented by Electric, Vans, FCS,
Channel Islands and Monster Energy Drinks. Special thanks to Super Vico, Capbreton Surf Club Crew that put in 2 long days ensuring all ran smoothly, Capbreton city, Aerial 7, and all the partners and surf clubs. See you next year !!


Girls winners : photo courtesy Electric


Best Trick Session Powered by Monster :
Heat 1 : William Allioti.SXM POWER
Heat 2 : Gaspard Larsonneur, Leonardo Fioravanti, Cousinet Jorgan.
Heat 3 : Gatien Delahaye, Kermitt.

Girls :
1 – Manon Cavallini GPE POWER
2 – Clara Pola
3 – Ariane Otysa
4 – Anais Billecosa

Boys under 10 :
1 – Enzo Cavallini GPE POWER
2 – Mat Celedan
3 –Erwan Blouin
4 – Thibaut Soulitzer

Boys under 12 :
1 – Gatien Delahaye GPE POWER
2 – Charly Termeau
3 – Grendard Joris
4 – Tom Schnerb

MOSKITO POINTS / Channel Islands :
Boys under 12 : Charly Termeau = 2750 MOSKITO POINTS
Boys under 14 : Aldric God = 1350 MOSKITO POINTS
Special price : Enzo Cavallini





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