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Camille au W.C.I

Aprés avoir été élu par ses pairs meilleur rider du dantesque contest qui a eut lieu à la Reunion en Septembre, cette fois là c'est au Maroc que le marvelous Kid Guadeloupéen va reposer ses slaps pour une nouvelle année de W.C.I qui sont à chaque coup des contests "pures bomb quality style"...vl'a ce que l'on pouvait lire sur le site officiel de la W.C.I concernant GPE8...


At just 19 years old, Camille is actually recognized as one of the best waveriders of the new generation. Commited in his surfs where he rips with his own fluid & radical style, engaged in his jumps & moves,the young ripper from Guadeloupe perfectly integrates the ‘Wave ClassicInvitational’ slogan which is ‘go big or go home‘.

 If he really does not shine with results that could reflecthis skills on the World Tour, Camille is determined to keep on pushing hislimits in order to better express himself on events like on the ‘Reunion WaveClassic’ where he won the title of ‘best rider’ in 2009. We’re happy to welcome him again on this contest in Morocco, a country he’s happy to rediscover a few years after a first trip :





‘I like to come on those events because it’s an original concept and sometimes, it’s good to sail on a contest without pressure. I have already been to Morocco in 2005 and 2006 and I feel really happy to go back to see the friends I have there, and how the little village of Moulay Bouzarkhtoune looks now.’

Camille goes for the 360, his favorite move! ©Calvet/Open Ocean Media








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