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La REUNION WAVE CLASSIC is ON comme disent les surfers du CT et aprés deux manches courues hier dans de solides condiss aussi bien à ETANG SALé qu'a RAVINE BLANCHE c'est bel et bien le team de CAMILLE JUBAN qui est en tête du Contest. Camille est associé à COLIN SIFFERLEN from New Cal et STEVEN PICHOT from LA REUNION et à part steven qui a chuté dans sa deuxième manche courues le DOM TOM crew a tout fracassé avec encore une mention spéciale à CAMILLE qui a survolé les débats avec classe! Franchement, au sortir du tirage au sort qui voyait Camille associé à Colin qui déchire plus que sévèrement en gauche ainsi que Steven qui fait parti des meilleurs locaux on avait une "pensée attristée" pour les deux autres team malgré tout le respect qu'on leur doit! DOM-TOM RUUUULES LA W.R.C, ou pa tend, ou ka manjé poi tend?!!!!

POUR TOUT SAVOIR SUR LA R.W.C http://reunionwaveclassic2011.blogspot.com/
Wicked Camille à RAVINE BLANCHE 

     Round 1 – Etang Salé : surf, surf and only surf !

Incredible day of intense action today for the riders of the 3rd edition of “La Reunion Wave Classic” : 2 official rounds have been completed on 2 different spots ! The forecast was not wrong when announcing bigger waves and stronger wind.

That’s on the spot of Etang Salé the riders meet this morning. 15 to 20 knots side offshore wind, 6 to 8 feet perfect barrels, in 15mn, everything was set up and the organization could launch the first heats of this 1st round. 2 best waves count, surf only. Local sailor Steven Pichot, new caledonian Colin Sifferlen and Guadeloupean Camille Juban took the honours on this first round. Pichot with a good wave choice and great turns, Sifferlen with clean airs over the section and Juban with a 360 attempt and a high goyter behind the wave in the last minutes of his heat. Youg german Leon Jamaer did not have luck as he ripped his sail in the middle of his heat. Around 3pm, the 1st round was completed but as the conditions were not really improving, the organization decide to move to Ravine Blanche for another 2nd round in more radical conditions…

Round 2 – Ravine Blanche : stronger, radical and extreme !

And that was a good choice to move because as the riders arrived on the spot, they could see that it will be another story than riding the cool tubes of Etang Salé ! 30 knots of wind and mast high hollow waves ready to crunch the gear… Wow ! No time to loose. 15mn later, everything was set up again and the first heat was launched at around 4pm. And that was extreme from the start with epic action, extreme and radical show as we like it on the “Reunion Wave Classic” events since its creation ! This time, the riders decided to add one jump to the judgements but still, with 2 best waves to surf to get points. Facing the raging elements in this 2nd round, these are again Sifferlen and Juban who provided a good show with a perfect wave choice and great moves pushed to the max. This time, local sailor Sylvain Bourlard got first in his heat against Steven Pichot who won this morning in Etang Salé. No chance this time for Pierre Godet and Julien Taboulet who both broke their mast from the start as they were again fighting in the same heat !
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